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Habbo Help Center

Make sure to check out these Frequently Asked Questions to see if yours might be one of them!

Where do I buy credits?
Go to the Habbo Hotel Home Page and click on the tab "Buy Coins" and follow the simple steps. Please remember you must use real money to buy coins.
How do I make my own room?
Click on Guest Rooms, then Own Rooms, and click "Create your Own!", then follow the steps, and your all done!
How do I get a job?
There are tons of jobs on Habbo Hotel, including ones at our very own Help Center! To get any job, you should try searching for "Job's or "Job Center". These rooms often have people in them who are searching for good workers. For a job at our Help Center, please click on the "Jobs" link to your left.
When did the Help Center begin?
Our Help Center was opened October 27, 2004.
How do I apply to be a Hobba?
Though applications for Hobbas are not yet accepted, when they are you must pass certain requirements. You must have an impeccable record, have at least five rooms with furniture in them, have purchased furniture in the catalogue, and have ninety days experience.
How do I get furniture?
The best way to get furniture is to purchase coins. Otherwise, you can play games and such to win furniture. This can be extremely difficult though, and the person may not give you the furniture you really won.

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